Open Mic

Bad Language runs a monthly night of spoken word, fiction and poetry on the last Wednesday of every month upstairs in Gullivers, just off Piccadilly Gardens.

From the 10th of every month you can email in to and book a slot for the Bad Language later that same month.

This is how it works:

– We are a literature night: poetry or prose.

– You don’t need to send us your work. Just email for a slot. If you email *before* the 10th, you’re too early.

– Open mic spots are four minutes long. The time limit is self-policing. Don’t abuse it.

– Come along. Delight us. Be the best you can be. And have fun with it. If you blow our socks off, we might book you for other, larger events elsewhere.

– There are ten open mic spaces available. Five of those spaces are reserved for people who have never performed with us before. No-one can perform for more than two events in a row. We have a reserve list, and often reserve listees do end up getting a spot.

– Each month, one of the Bad Language hosts will also perform, alongside an amazing headline act. Click here to see the events coming up soon.


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