Short Short Story Slam

Story Slam graphic 620

The ultimate fiction fight comes to Manchester as writers wrangle to become champion of the Short Short Story Slam. 

Writers will arm themselves with their sharpest short stories in a series of tense but hilarious head-to-heads. Each contestant will get written off one-by-one until only one winning wordsmith remains.

Who will prevail? The funny contestant with the naughty words? The arty contestant with the quill and the beret? The contestant you’re pretty sure is a badger dressed as a novelist? You decide – like a rampaging rum-sozzled panel of Booker judges, it’s the audience that decrees who stays and who gets deleted.

Get your limited £5 early-bird tickets now!

Performers in our Short Short Story Slam:
Jack Greeney | Sarah Taberner | Nicky Grant | Miles Hadfield | Addae G | Mark Powell | Dave Hartley | Ian Peek
We could do with more performers – especially women. Fancy a go?

This authorial apocalypse is hosted by Bad Language, a leading light in Manchester’s literary scene, taking on the mantle from its original hosts, short story performers The Flashtag Writers.

Tuesday 18 June 2019, 7pm at Gullivers, Oldham Street, Manchester. Buy £5 early-bird tickets here. Venue details here. Join our Facebook event here.

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