Bad Language in 2016

Maria Roberts and Richard Hirst performing at Bad Language in 2015

Happy new year, everyone. Bad Language had a mega year in 2015, so it’s probably an understatement to say we’re ridiculously excited about live literature in Manchester in 2016.

While we cook up plans for this next year, why not plan your appearance on our friendly open mic? 

If you write poetry or fiction, our stage could be a great place to try a public reading. Our crowds are passionate, supportive and sometimes quite boozy, and your hosts Joe Daly and Fat Roland will guide you through the night with a big smile and a lot of chatter about nothing in particular.

All you need to do is email and ask for an open mic slot, but not before the 10th of each month. That’s the rule! Our email address for that is

Here are our open mic submission details if you want more information.

And here are our event dates for 2016. More details to follow.

Here’s to another brilliant year of great writing, exciting readings and new literary talent.

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