Kraftwerk Badger Spaceship: Manchester preview

Kraftwerk Badger Spaceship 26th July 2015

Bad Language host Fat Roland will hold a preview of his Edinburgh show Kraftwerk Badger Spaceship on Sunday July 26 at Gullivers.

Kraftwerk Badger Spaceship is a spoken-word comedy about one idiot’s battle with electronic music. Is it poetry or prop comedy or just a fat man with too many marker pens? Judge for yourself in this Edinburgh Fringe debut from the bloke wot co-hosts our open mic every month.

Dominic Berry calls Fat Roland ‘bizarre, astounding, hilarious and truly unlike anyone else’. Fats has co-hosted Bad Language with Joe Daly since March last year. This is his first solo-hosted night since 2013’s packed-out Fat Roland’s Electric Shorts.

(Click here if you want to see Fat Roland in Edinburgh instead.)

Kraftwerk Badger Spaceship: Manchester preview
Gullivers, Oldham Street, Manchester
Sunday 26 July 2015
8pm doors
8.30pm the actual show
9.30pm questions, apologies & dancing
Admission free, donations welcome

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