Bad Language and Blackwell’s present: Tony O’Neill


New York author TONY O’NEILL will join us on November 25th for a noir-filled night of novel reading, with a special support slot from GRAEME SHIMMIN, author of spy thriller A Kill In The Morning, DAVID HARTLEY, author of Threshold, and FAT ROLAND, author of Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey And Other Short Fiction.

Tony is here to promote Black Neon, which Irvine Welsh calls “pitch black classic slice of neo-noir, where black magic, art house cinema, drug-fuelled madness and apocalyptic violence collide with dizzying effect.”

“I fell in love with every page,” adds Welsh.

Tony is a founding member of the Brutalists, a literary collective alongside Adelle Stripe and Ben Myers. He has played in Kenickie, in The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and with Marc Almond and Kelli Ali. Alongside novels, he has co-written memoirs and has written short stories for the likes of 3:AM Magazine. He’s even written poetry. Basically, he’s done everything.

Tony O’Neill appears courtesy of Bluemoose Books and this event takes place at Blackwell’s bookshop, Oxford Road, Manchester on Tuesday November 25th 2014 at 7pm. Entry is free. Join the Facebook event page here.

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