Bad Language in August: SJ Bradley & Richard Smyth

SJ Bradley & Richard Smyth


This months headliners are SJ BRADLEY and RICHARD SMYTH and are brought to you by our friends Dead Ink Books.

SJ BRADLEY is a cat-owning fiction writer who was shortlisted for the Willesden Herald International Short Story prize (because of her writing, not because of the cat). She was one of the brains behind Fictions of Every Kind, a Leeds-based DIY literary social, and her debut novel is called Brick Mother.

RICHARD SMYTH once wrote a book called Bum Fodder. He has written for Riptide Journal, The Fiction Desk, Litro and, crumbs, New Scientist among others. He won an LS13 prize for his short story Deep, and his first novel is called Wild Ink. We have no idea whether he owns a cat.


Our heaving open-mic list this August will be:


Gareth Moore
Adam Blaize
Jenny Turner
Sarah Jasmon
Joshua Judson
Ben Judge
Harry Jelley
Annette Cookson
Andrew Lawson
Trisha Starbrook
Rebecca Smith


Your hosts, as always, will be the just about competent and awake Fat Roland and Joe Daly

Why not tell us you’re coming? Click here for our Facebook event

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