Bad Language at The Castle Hotel – July

Bad Language returns to The Castle Hotel for another night of the best spoken word in the North West.

Our headliner for July is Quietus editor John Doran.

Recently on his 42nd birthday Quietus Editor and VICE columnist John Doran decided that he was going to write a novel. Not being schooled in these matters he decided to start from the beginning and set about starting with a world-beating first sentence. After studying the opening words of literature’s great tomes, he devised a scientific formula to construct an opening line so powerful it would literally make your tits fall off if you heard it unprepared. So there you have it… come and hear John Doran read the first sentence of his debut novel. It will make you weep like a child. And if it doesn’t, he’ll repeat it until it does.

John Doran was born in St Helens and has written for the BBC, the WIRE, Metal Hammer, the Stool Pigeon, VICE, the Word, Plan B and Careless Talk Costs Lives.

Joining him onstage on the open mic this month is:

Zach Roddis
Dale Lately
Jake Duff
Luke Helly
Owen Lowery
Michael Wilson
Kate Ashley
Trisha Starbrook
Eli Regan

Which we think you’ll agree is a rather wonderful lineup indeed!


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