Bad Language at the Counter Culture Club

Bad Language are joining Manchester’s Underground Arts Party by hosting the cosy spoken word stage.

Smashing the fourth wall and bringing down the house, Counter Culture Club returns to 2022nq. #cccMcr is a late-night micro-festival: a one-night-only underground arts party at the Northern Quarter’s finest creative space.

With live music, art installations, drama, reading rooms and spoken word, CCC is an exciting opportunity to spend your Saturday night in an exciting all arts party.

We’re pleased to announced the full line-up of spoken word performers below:



Mark Powell

Mark PowellMark Powell is a writer, performer, serial blog abandoner and multiple papercut survivor who mashes together a lot of wordy stuff that isn’t exactly poetry, isn’t exactly prose, and probably isn’t exactly first date material. He hosts the true storytelling night Tales Of Whatever, yet ironically spends an alarming amount of any leftover time spinning outright lies on Twitter (@gomark).




Luke Yates

luke samuel yates

Luke Samuel Yates was born in 1983 in the North West of England. He was named a Foyle Young Poet of the Year on four occasions and his work has featured in various poetry magazines, BBC Radio 4 and on the London Underground. His new pamphlet, The Pair of Scissors That Could Cut Anything, is published by The Rialto.



David Judge

More information coming shortly about David Judge, but for now…


Prose and Creative Non-fiction:


David Hartley

david hartleyDavid Hartley is a short story writer based in Manchester. He is the author of ‘Threshold’, an edgy collection of flashy fictions about ghosts, aliens and virtual cities. Join him as he presents 50 horror stories in 10 minutes, and take one home to scare your friends…





Nija Dalal

Nija DalalNija Dalal is a writer and a second-generation Indian-American. She’s radio obsessive and works at the BBC. She cooks, crafts and sews, and blogs about it when she remembers: She says “y’all.” Currently in Manchester, she’s lived in Sydney and Atlanta, but she likes Manchester best, so far.



Fat Roland

Fat RolandFat Roland is a writer of two surreal short story collections and is one fifth of Manchester’s Flashtag writing collective. He’s won and lost several awards. His prop-laden story performances have brought notoriety as far afield as several streets in Manchester city centre.




When: Saturday 18th May 7pm – 2am

Where: 2022nq, 20 Dale Street, M1 1EZ Manchester, United Kingdom

Tickets: £6 (adv. – no booking fee) and £8 on the door

To find out more about CCC and the other art forms or to buy tickets visit Counter Culture Club.

Afraid you’ll forget? Add the event on facebook to remind you! Or follow the conversation on twitter by following @badlanguagemcr, @bottc and follow the official hashtag for the event #cccMcr.


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