Electric Sky Exclusive

So our book launch is only two weeks away, the book is coming together brilliantly and we’ve just got a little bit of time to reveal the cover and the books lineup:

1. James Harvey – The Casting
2. Sian James – Watch
3. Jennie Bailey – Epitaph
4. Ben Judge – Brains
5. Dan Carpenter – The Healer/ Skiving
6. Anna Percy – World Switch
7. Red Newsom – digging up flowers
8. Fatima al Matar – Somewhere
9. Calum Kerr – A Slice of Time
10. Fergus Evans – The Hurricane / On Euclid Avenue
11. Dave Hartley – The Ghost of a Sceptic Haunts this House
12. Roy McFarlane – Dreams of Rivers / Truelove
13. Giuseppe Albano – Ascending South
14. Joe – tba
15. Nick Garrard – Darolin
16. Ted Smith – Dark Down Here
17. Jo Bell – Censored
18. Nici – Fixed
19. Anna McCrory – Speling iz ovarated

Exciting stuff right? Wait until you see what we’ve got for a cover. The fantastic Laura Richardson has designed this based on Fergus Evan’s poem, ‘The Hurricane’

Pretty brilliant, right?

You’ll see more in the coming weeks, and you can pick up a copy of Electric Sky at our book launch.

We will see you on the 25th!

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