Bad Language events and other exciting stories

For those of you who haven’t heard the bad news; National Poetry Writing month is now over for another month. But don’t fear, here are a few highlights from the past month where Bad Language’s Daniel Carptener and Nici West have been taking place.

For a treat, if you can call it that, here are the three worded poems that were written:

Tonight by Nici West

Only you.

Hamartiologist by Daniel Carpenter



To keep themselves entertained for the month of May Bad Language are now also taking part in somethingeveryday run by Max Wallis. For every single long draining day ever in the month of May 2011 (a little dramatic) , Bad Language will be taking it in turns to update the website with brand spanking new writing. So follow our progress and show your support.

Well, it’s a lucky day for you because we leave you with this little delight: the flesh of Daniel Carpenter (with all the rest of his body of course) reading at This is May Day last night.

Oh, one last thing before you hang up: Bad Language will be having a book launch for the third anthology entitled Electric Sky (title taken from Fergus Evans poem The Hurricane which is featured in the book). It will take place in our favourite place The Castle Hotel in Manchester on the 25th May, where the writers and poets featured in the book will read their work and you can bring some coins to buy some books.

Invite yourself along here:!/event.php?eid=220518171292434

No really, it’s ok, you can come.

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