National Short Story Day

As we take the plunge through towards Christmas and New Years, it’s important to note that today we celebrate National Short Story Day! The first of its kind, and hopefully not the last. Here at Bad Language we thought we’d give you a few great short story collections to read:

Junot Diaz – Drown
David Gaffney – The Half Life of Songs
Raymond Carver – What we talk about when we talk about love
Miranda July – No one belongs here more than you
Dave Eggers – How we are hungry

Of course you can do no wrong in picking up a copy of our first two anthologies, ‘I know where the city has wings’ and ‘Scattered Reds’.

For more Manchester based short stories you should check out Rainy City Stories who have published my story entitled ‘That’s how I got to Manchester’. Their website is filled with fascinating insights into the city, and some rather wonderful short stories. You can also find some great 330 word stories at 330 Words.

So, merry National Short Story Day! We’ll be back soon with information about our upcoming open mic nights at The Castle Hotel, so get in touch if you want to perform, e-mail

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