The Quiz of Literature Things

Thank you to all of those who came along on Thursday and a BIG thank you to the guest performers Max Wallis and David Gaffney who added brought extra zing to the night.

After everyone had filled up on pink cupcakes and alcoholic drinks from the bemused barmaid, the night kicked off with an as usual exciting performance from local performance poet Max Wallis. He stunned us all with his articulate delivery of shennangians at festivals, and my personal favourite, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Max is starting the creative writing MA at Manchester very soon and you can find more of his poems and his next performance at where he endevours to write something everyday.

Once the audience were sufficiently warmed up, (quite literally as the pub’s ancient windows were glued shut) Bad Language’s very own Daniel Carpenter tested their literature brains with the pub quiz. Most did surprisngly well even getting questions from what we thought would be the toughest round: one star amazon reviews. Congratulations to the winners A Blair Fiction Project, who I believe was represented by some of the Manchester Literature Festival peeps, who won among other things a signed David Gaffney book and a bottle of wine! Let us know what the wine is like! And an even bigger congratulations to the best team name winners with Pushing Up Swayzes, who won the best book in the world: Zombie Comics, which Max struggled to carry home.

Once everyone had recovered from the brain ache, David Gaffney came to perk the audience up with some Powerpoint antics and humourous tales of a poor man who had to do a presentation to himself. Check out David’s website for more of his tales and details of his next performance dates. My personal favourite is Potatoe Smiles.

Then we watched as people crowded around the book table as David sold more books until closing time when we were all turned out on the streets with empty cup cake shells and the enlightenment of the right answers.

Thank you to all who filled in our feedback forms and all the comments made. We’re stepping up the game for the next Literature Pub Quiz with tougher more challenging questions, so you better get your thinking caps on and start studying now!

You can also see another write up of the event at:

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